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Protect Your Ears at Music Festivals
Why You Should Protect Your Ears at Music Festivals
While music festivals are fun, leaving the festival with damaged hearing is not. Learn more about how you can protect your ears with these easy tips.
Seasonal Allergies
How to Treat Hearing Loss Due to Allergies
Seasonal allergies have many symptoms such as headaches, runny nose, itchy eyes, and more. But did you know it can also cause hearing loss? Learn more!
Unilateral Hearing Loss
What is Unilateral Hearing Loss?
Unilateral hearing loss is a way to refer to hearing loss in one ear. Discover the symptoms and treatments to remedy this type of hearing impairment.
Hearing Aid Programs
What Programs Exist to Help a Senior Get Hearing Aids?
At Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center, we want to ensure our customers can afford a pair of Beltone hearing aids. Learn more about available programs!
Reading Hearing Loss Article
5 Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss You Might Not Know About
People typically associate hearing loss due to aging or noise-inflicted damage. But did you know there are other causes such as stress, mumps, and more?
Social Skills
Ways to Improve Your Social Skills With Hearing Loss
Many individuals tend to avoid attending social events with hearing loss. Here are five ways you can significantly improve your social skills.