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Can You Buy Hearing Aids Without Consulting a Doctor?
While buying over-the-counter hearing aids may sound like a great idea, there are many reasons why prescription hearing aids can do better. Learn more!
Hearing Consultation
Which Doctor Should You Consult With For a Hearing Problem?
When you start to notice that you're experiencing hearing troubles, it's best to get the issue checked out sooner rather than later.
New Year New Hearing
Taking Care of Your Hearing Health For the New Year
As we enter into the new year, it's time to include a few hearing care practices to keep your hearing health in great condition in the future.
Holiday Dinner
Staying Connected This Holiday
It's important to stay connected with family and friends through hearing. Learn more how hearing aids can help get you through the holidays.
What Type of Hearing Loss is a Cookie-Bite?
Cookie-bite hearing loss is a type of hearing loss in which your audiogram is shaped like the letter "U." Learn more about cookie-bite today!
Hearing this Holiday
Being Thankful for Your Hearing Aids This Holiday
The holiday season is about giving thanks. So why not give thanks to your hearing aid device? Let's look back at the benefits hearing aids have provided.