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Valentines Day and Hearing Loss
5 Ways You Can Enjoy Valentine's Day with Hearing Loss
Valentine's Day is around the corner, and you want to make the most of this day with your loved one. Here are five ways you can enjoy this holiday.
Overcome the Stigma
The Stigma of Hearing Loss and How You Can Overcome Them
Don't let the stigma revolving around hearing loss affect your everyday life. Learn more about how you can overcome the stigma and live life confidently.
New Year's Resolution
7 New Year's Resolution for Your Hearing Health in 2022
As we set a new year's resolution, don't forget to add hearing health to the mix. Here are seven new year's resolutions for your hearing health.
Beltone Hearing Aids
10 Common Hearing Aid Problems Customers Run Into
Wearing hearing aids for the first time can be challenging at first. Luckily, you are not alone. Learn more about the common hearing aid problems.
Winter Season
Can Cold Weather Cause Hearing Loss?
Cold weather can affect our body in many ways, such as running nose, sinuses, and frozen ears. Discover how cold weather can cause hearing loss.
Communicate Over the Phone
How to Communicate Over the Phone if You Are Hearing Impaired
Communicating over the phone with hearing loss doesn't have to be difficult. Take a look at our tips offered at Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center!