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Enjoy Life with an Affordable Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Beltone Rely is a fully rechargeable hearing aid that delivers high-quality sound all in a comfortably designed package. With wireless connectivity, you can enjoy your favorite devices with the push of a button.

The Rely comes with the BelCare lifetime care service, so you'll never have to worry about problems you may have with your hearing device.

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Beltone Rely

High-Performance Chargers

The Beltone Rely offers two reliable, high-performance chargers for your hearing aid: Desktop and Premium.

The Premium charger can fully recharge your hearing aids up to three times before it needs to be recharged. Each hearing aid charge lasts for up to 30 full hours. The Premium charger comes with easy to view LED indicators that can reveal your current battery level and when your hearing aids are fully charged.

Hear the Sounds that Matter Most

The Beltone Rely rechargeable hearing aid delivers optimal sound clarity, regardless of where you are. Now, you can easily enjoy date night in a crowded restaurant without being distracted by the other noise in your surroundings. This rechargeable hearing aid offers a high level of customization that allows you to alter the settings for various sounds at once. This gives you the freedom to stay in control of your hearing all the time.

Outstanding Connectivity

The Beltone Rely rechargeable hearing aid offers a seamless connection to all your favorite devices, including iPads, iPods, iPhones, and most Android devices. With the Beltone Rely, you can enjoy hearing the voice of your loved one on the phone without various added background sounds distracting you. You can even set your devices to connect to your television so that you can enjoy listening to your favorite shows.

Beltone Lifetime Care Guarantee

When you purchase the Rely from Beltone, you can enjoy Beltone's lifetime care service with BelCare. We offer no-cost annual comprehensive hearing tests to ensure that your hearing aids are in their most optimal setting. You can expect to learn about how to change the settings on your hearing aids, how to care for them, and everything else with our BelCare lifetime care service. You'll never feel alone with our patient care phone line, which is available around the clock just for you.

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Beltone Rely

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If you're ready to upgrade to the Beltone Rely or have questions about this new device, contact a hearing specialist at Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center. We have knowledgeable hearing care professionals waiting to assist you.

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