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Award-winning Hearing Aids

The award-winning Beltone Amaze™ is changing the way you hear. With crystal clear sound technology, customizable styles, easy connectivity, and long-lasting charges, you'll never want to try out another hearing device again. The Beltone Amaze will provide you with some of the most innovative technology on the market today.

The Beltone Amaze™ is an award-winning rechargeable hearing aid and has won the 2020 BIG Innovation Award due to its breakthrough technology. This technology allows hearing aid users to directly stream calls, music, and sound devices while preserving battery life on their Android or Apple device.

Beltone Amaze

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Beltone Amaze HCP

Amazing Hearing Experience

Sound quality should always be a significant factor to consider when purchasing a new hearing aid device. From the very first day, you'll notice richer and crisper sounds. The Beltone Amaze is designed with fast micro-processing technology to ensure that you're getting the best sound clarity possible.

Beltone Amaze

Stay Connected

When it comes to staying connected, the Beltone Amaze rechargeable hearing aid easily connects to your favorite devices, including Apple and most Android devices. You'll enjoy the convenience of streaming phone calls, your favorite music, or even directions right to the Beltone Amaze hearing aid.

Beltone Amaze Case

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Beltone Amaze offers a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is sure to change the way you think about hearing aid batteries. You can enjoy up to 30 full hours of clear hearing after each charge. We recommend putting your hearing aids on the charger when you go to bed so that you can enjoy a full charge the following day.

If you forget to charge your hearing aids, you're in luck. The Beltone Amaze has a quick charge feature that provides 8 hours of battery power on just 30 minutes of charging. You can even opt for a portable, high-performance charger so you can charge the Amaze on the go.

Customizable Styles & Design

The Beltone Amaze comes in various styles and designs, so you can pick the customized hearing aid you desire. The most popular is our receiver in-ear (RIE) model, as it provides discreet hearing assistance.

For those who would rather have a behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid, the Beltone Amaze is made in this style too. And, to top it off, the Amaze is available in different colors so that you can enjoy having customized freedom.

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