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Hearing Tests
Why It's Not a Good Idea to Fake a Hearing Test
Having your hearing tested every couple of years is essential to your health. Therefore, it is not a good idea to fake your hearing test. Learn more!
Improve Hearing Health
What Can We Do Daily to Improve Our Overall Hearing Health?
Hearing loss affects more than your ability to hear. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to help improve your hearing health.
hearing loss treatment
How Much Can Hearing Aids Help With Profound Hearing Loss?
Profound hearing loss is defined as being unable to hear sounds lower than 90 decibels. With profound hearing loss, can hearing aids make a difference?
How to Enjoy Listening to Music After Hearing Loss
Don't let the effects of hearing loss keep you from the joys of listening to music. Learn more about how you can enjoy listening to music again.
Celebrities With Hearing Loss
Famous Celebrities With Hearing Loss
Don't let your hearing loss affect your everyday life. Check out these eight celebrities you may not know who also have hearing loss.
Types of Hearing Loss
How Do I Know If My Hearing Loss is Permanent or Temporary?
Determining whether you have permanent or temporary hearing loss can help you seek the proper treatment you need for your hearing health. Learn more!