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Affordable Hearing Aids

Beltone is proud to be a leader in the hearing care and hearing technology industries for over 80+ years. We offer award-winning digital hearing aids in many models and styles to ensure that you find the perfect hearing aid for your lifestyle, hearing loss, and budget.

Picking The Right Hearing Aid Style

Choosing an affordable hearing aid style is as important as having a hearing aid that fits your unique hearing needs. We understand it can feel very complicated, especially if you have never worn a hearing aid. The choice is a personal one, and we’re happy to help you make the best decision by giving you a free in-office trial. Beltone’s two most popular styles of hearing aids are Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and custom hearing aids. BTE devices are extremely popular as they rest comfortably behind your ear and are easy to adjust and program.

Custom hearing aids use impressions of your outer ear and ear canal to custom fit many other styles of hearing aids. These offer a comfortable custom fit paired with the latest Beltone technology in a variety of models. It all comes down to what you prefer and what is best for your hearing loss.

The hearing specialists at any of our Beltone locations throughout Michigan can help you narrow down the choices based on your specific needs and preferences. And we even offer in-office demos for you to experience the models that might suit you. Call today at (888) 417-2130 to schedule an appointment and let us help you find the best affordable hearing aid for you.

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Which Style is for You?

About the size of a berry, our IIC hearing aids are the instrument of choice for those who desire hearing help that can’t be seen.

RIE hearing aids are the newest and most popular Behind-the-Ear styles on the market. A very small casing sits behind your ear, and a narrow, transparent tube carries thin wires from the casing to the receiver, which tucks into your ear canal.

Easy to wear, our BTE devices are small and feature a curved casing designed to nestle comfortably behind the ear. A clear tube connects the device to a custom-crafted ear mold worn in the ear canal.

The main part of an MIH hearing aid hides in your ear canal. The piece is custom manufactured based on your ear canal impression taken during your visit, so it’s very comfortable. The hearing aid microphone is in a separate component and is worn within the curved groove of your external ear. The transparent tube then sends sound to the piece in your ear canal.

ITC style hearing aids are also custom-made but slightly larger than CIC hearing aids.

A custom hearing aid that fits in the ear canal. A smaller portion of the hearing aid shows in the outer ear.

Custom crafted for a perfect fit, and the CIC style is worn completely within the ear canal.

Award-winning Technology

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing aids consist of three main parts: a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. When sound waves reach the microphone, it converts the sound to electrical signals. The electrical signals are sent to the amplifier, which increases the signal's power and then sends the amplified signal to the speaker, where it is converted back into sound and projected into your ear.

Beltone hearing aid technology has evolved over the years to include exceptionally advanced features that have transformed devices into mini-computers that sit behind your ear.

Customize Your Hearing Aid

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Hearing Aid Colors


Digital Technology

We’ve seen a dramatic shift in the hearing aid market as digital technology has all but done away with the bulky and uncomfortable hearing aids of days past. Beltone hearing aids are so tiny and comfortable; you will forget you’re wearing them!

Beltone hearing aids:

  • Provide superior sound quality
  • Wirelessly communicate with one another
  • Automatically adapt when you transition from loud to quiet noise environments
  • Eliminate whistling and feedback
  • Tune down excessive background noise
  • Prioritize conversations
  • Come coated with Nanoblock sealant for protection against moisture
  • Wirelessly stream sounds from your favorite devices, cell phones, tablets, TV’s and more!
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Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Have you ever wished you could adjust your hearing aids yourself? Beltone Trust™ allows you to do so instantly and discreetly.

Beltone HearMax™ Ap

The Beltone HearMax™ app allows you to control your hearing aids from your smartphone. Download it from the app store to adjust volume, listening programs, and much more directly from your mobile device. Compatible with Apple or Android.

Direct Audio Streaming (Made for iPhone)

Wirelessly stream phone calls, GPS voice directions, or your favorite music without wearing any adapter around your neck!

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Why Beltone

What Do Beltone Hearing Aids Offer?

The first step is to schedule your free hearing test. At this appointment, a Beltone Hearing Care Specialist will perform some assessments to discover what type and level of hearing loss you may be experiencing.

Our specialists will learn about your lifestyle, preferences, and personal hearing needs to provide you with a professional recommendation on the best affordable hearing aid.

Our hearing aid recommendations are 100% custom-tailored to your needs — it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. We want you to be comfortable and confident.

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Why Beltone

Take The First Step Towards Better Hearing With Beltone

Beltone is proud to offer hearing aid technology powerful enough to fit up to 90% of hearing losses. Every Beltone hearing aid is backed by our industry-leading BelCare™ service and warranty.

Take the first step today by scheduling a comprehensive free hearing evaluation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you understand your hearing needs and discover the difference you can experience with a Beltone hearing aid. Call (888) 417-2130 today or use our online form to request your free hearing test.

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