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Hearing Aid Information

Benefits of massage

10 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Seniors

Feb 29, 2020 | Hearing Health

The American Medical Association said that most of disease is a direct reflection of stress and anxiety from the mind, and it is very true. If you have a stress-free and positive mind, then you will live a long and healthy life. Massage, therefore, is an extremely important part of peaceful living for seniors.

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Ear Protection

Occupations that Need Ear Protection

Feb 27, 2020 | Hearing Health

Certain occupations need ear protection so the employees don’t suffer from Noise Induced Hearing Loss, which can permanently cause you to lose your hearing. So, how do you know if you work in one of these jobs?

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Being healthy

Being Healthy as a Senior Citizen

Feb 25, 2020 | Hearing Health

Being healthy as a senior citizen doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but there are simple steps you can take to live a wonderful and fulfilling life after the age of 65.

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Mild Hearing Loss

Mild Hearing Loss: What Does it Mean?

Feb 23, 2020 | Hearing Loss

When you think of hearing loss, typically you think all or nothing. But did you know that there are degrees of hearing loss? Many people suffer from mild hearing loss.

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