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Beltone Hearing Aids and Tinnitus: Managing Volume for Comfort
Discover comfort in managing Tinnitus with Beltone Hearing Aids. Explore solutions that fine-tune volume for a soothing and personalized experience.
Is Having Tinnitus a Sign of Having High Blood Pressure?
Explore the relationship between tinnitus and high blood pressure. See how these conditions are linked and the steps you can take to manage them.
Are Short Bursts of Ringing in Ears Related to Tinnitus?
Short bursts of ringing are known as sudden tinnitus, but this type of ringing shouldn't last long. Learn more about short bursts of ringing in the ears!
Can Sleeping Pills Cause Tinnitus?
Constantly asking people to repeat themselves, struggling to hear music or television regardless of how high the volume is, and a constant ringing in your ears all reduce your quality of life.
5 Tips to Improve Your Sleep with Tinnitus
Although common, tinnitus is far from fatal, however, it can still be irritating to deal with, especially when you’re trying to sleep.
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