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Beltone Warranty

What Does Your Beltone Warranty Cover? A Breakdown of Benefits

Hearing aid devices are an investment, but they're necessary to improve your hearing and overall quality of life. As such, it's essential to ensure that you're choosing the right hearing device and company to meet your hearing needs and provide the best value for your money. This includes considering your hearing aid warranty to ensure you're covered in case of untoward incidents. If you're seeking a hearing solution and want to learn about the warranty Beltone has to offer, keep reading. We'll break down what it covers.

BelCare Warranty

Beltone offers a unique warranty to its customers called BelCare. While most hearing aid warranties only cover basic repairs and adjustments, the BelCare warranty provides a suite of additional benefits, including free batteries for life, a 3-year warranty on repairs and replacement, loss and damage coverage, and free hearing screenings. This warranty ensures that you have peace of mind and that any issues related to your Beltone hearing aid will be addressed efficiently, effectively, and cost-effectively.

Repair Costs

The Beltone warranty covers repair costs within the first year of purchase. Additionally, the BelCare warranty extends this coverage up to three years and includes a one-time replacement option if a repair is not feasible. This warranty is advantageous because repairs on hearing aids can be pricey; however, Beltone customers can enjoy these benefits without worrying about extra costs.

Loss and Damage Coverage

Beltone offers a comprehensive loss and damage warranty covering any accidental loss or damage to your device. The warranty even covers theft or accidental disappearance, an increasingly common issue with small devices such as hearing aids. This is an essential component of the BelCare program, which provides peace of mind to customers who may worry about replacing their devices if lost, damaged, or stolen.

Free Hearing Screenings

The Beltone warranty includes free hearing screenings, and this valuable benefit is available even without a BelCare subscription. The screening will help you determine the level of hearing loss and identify the appropriate hearing aid model best suited to your hearing needs. This way, you can optimize your hearing capabilities from day one while staying informed about your hearing health.

Personalized Care

Finally, one of the most significant benefits of a Beltone warranty is the access to personalized care. As a Beltone customer, you'll work with a hearing care specialist who will address your hearing needs and tailor a hearing solution that fits your unique lifestyle and preferences. Beltone's hearing care specialists are trained to make adjustments to your hearing aid and provide any necessary support throughout your hearing journey, ensuring that your hearing aid continues to work as it should.

Visit Our Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center

Buying a new hearing aid can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be with Beltone. With the BelCare warranty, customers can enjoy exceptional benefits that go far beyond basic repair and adjustment coverage. From covering the cost of replacement to providing free lifetime batteries and personalized care, Beltone truly offers an unrivaled hearing experience. If you're in the market for a hearing aid and want peace of mind, consider a Beltone device and contact any of our Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Centers in Michigan. Our specialists are always eager to help and will guide you through the process of finding a solution that suits your needs.