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444 North Court Street
Lapeer, MI 48446

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Phone: (810) 267-2146

Your Beltone Lapeer, MI Office

If you constantly have to ask people to repeat themselves or your television volume level is far louder than usual, you could be experiencing some degree of hearing loss. The team at Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center in Lapeer, MI, may be able to provide a solution.

We invite you to call or visit our location to learn more about the quality hearing care treatment currently available. The hearing aids we provide aren’t just one-size-fits-all devices; we tailor them to suit each individual’s needs and offer products at a wide range of price points.

Some of our modern hearing aids can even be controlled through your smartphone for easy, hassle-free operation. The process to obtain your new Beltone hearing aids starts with a complimentary hearing test administered by one of our caring specialists. The information gathered during the evaluation will be used to match you up with a product designed to help you hear more clearly in various situations.

Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center in Lapeer, MI, is staffed by friendly hearing specialists who put the interests of our patients ahead of everything else. Contact us today at (810) 267-21469 to schedule your free in-office hearing test or to inquire about the free online hearing test that you can take without leaving your home.

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