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Your Beltone Cheboygan, MI Office

When you need hearing care assistance in Cheboygan, MI, you can rely on our experts at the Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center. Our hearing specialists know just how detrimental hearing loss can be and how scary it can feel to seek out the help you need. We strive to educate all of our fellow Cheboygan, MI, neighbors about the risks of untreated hearing loss.

Many accredited studies have shown that when hearing loss goes untreated, it drastically affects individuals' quality of life. In addition, it significantly increases their risk of developing mental health illnesses like dementia. Those in their elderly years are more at risk.

We want to take the worry out of seeking help for your hearing loss issues. This is why we offer a free hearing evaluation to all of our patients. Our hearing care specialists will take the time to thoroughly explain the results of your tests and make recommendations about which hearing aids are best for you.

We know that everyone is dealing with their individual budget and lifestyle demands. This is why we offer a variety of the latest hearing aid devices. We'll assist you with finding the proper hearing devices to meet your unique needs. Our quality customer service doesn't stop there either. We'll help you program your hearing aids to ensure that they work effortlessly to enhance your quality of life.

Residents in Cheboygan, MI, can always rely on us to provide quality care for all of their hearing aid needs. Simply give us a call at (231) 597-4079 to get started on seeking hearing loss treatments, or schedule your free hearing evaluation online.

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