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219 North Bridge Street
Bellaire, MI 49615

Appointments are available - Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Sat: Appointments available upon request

Phone: (231) 821-6575

Your Beltone Bellaire, MI Office

Our specialists at Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center can identify and correct all levels of hearing loss, even those that are so subtle and gradual that they remain unrecognized by the individual. However, you can begin caring for your hearing right at home with our free online hearing test. Before you begin the test, prepare yourself for the most accurate results by doing the following:

  • Go to a quiet area with no background noise
  • For best results, use headphones to test each ear
  • Remove current hearing aids before you test
  • A replay function is available to help you if you need to retest

We respect patient privacy rights and laws, so you will need to give us your consent before processing your hearing test results and sending them to you, which you can bring with you to your Beltone appointment.

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We are located at 219 North Bridge Street, Bellaire, MI 49615. Please call us at (231) 821-6575, or if you prefer, you can schedule an appointment online. Our Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid office offer the following hearing services to Bellaire, MI, residents such as:

  • Comprehensive hearing loss services, including lifetime BelCare patient services
  • Battery replacement service and programs
  • The latest in Beltone hearing aid technology
  • Hearing aid service, cleaning, and replacement
  • In-office hearing aid trials
  • Patient care phone line
  • Annual hearing loss evaluations
  • Free office and online hearing tests