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When Should I Change My Hearing Aid Battery

When Should I Change My Hearing Aid Battery

As with any device, a hearing aid needs regular maintenance such as cleaning and new batteries. You change the batteries in your TV remote, so it makes sense that you should keep up with something as important as your hearing aid batteries as well. You may not yet be accustomed to all the features your hearing aid has, and all the tasks and information associated with it. There is nothing to worry or be embarrassed about though because all first-time wearers go through this settling-in period.

Hearing Aid Batteries

On Average, standard hearing aid batteries may last as little as three days and as long as 22 days. This varies by model, if the battery is rechargeable, and the type of battery that your hearing aid has. Exactly how long your hearing aid battery lasts will depend on how much you use them, its exposure to humidity, battery storage and severity of hearing loss.

Rechargeable Batteries

There are a few manufacturers now putting in the market rechargeable hearing aids. This technology has been in the industry for some time now but failed to satisfy most consumers in the past since it usually lasted for only a couple of hours before needing to be plugged in again. However, recent models like Beltone are now giving traditional units a run for their money, since they can last a day before being depleted. Depending on the brand, hearing aids still have to be replaced from 1 year to a number of years but it beats having to constantly take out and put in tiny cells every few days which can be a great hassle.

Making Them Last Longer

It would be important to note that rechargeable hearing aids cost more, even after purchase, in contrast to conventional models. So if you want to save on cash and don’t mind spending a little time changing your hearing aid batteries frequently, then go for ones with disposable cells. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize their usage. Zinc-air batteries are what is used by the majority. These begin expending energy upon exposure to oxygen. It has been found that they last longer by three days if you wait for 5 minutes before inserting them into the hearing aids. Since these start losing power when taken out of its casing, make sure not to do so if you will not be using them yet. See to it also that you turn off your hearing aids when they are idle, and choose wisely when you want to operate these so you can use up its electricity only when needed.
There may be things to do when owning hearing aids, but having these allow you to socialize and have fun with your friends and peers. It also prevents the possible effects of hearing loss, depression, and dementia.

Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Experts Are Here to Help

We advise you to get these if your doctor recommends you to. The tasks in caring for them will become routine to you after a while. Call Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center at (888) 417-2130 to schedule an appointment with a reliable and professional audiologist.