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Can Hearing Aids Help Reduce Chronic Sinusitis?
Chronic sinusitis is a debilitating condition that can cause difficulty in hearing. Find out if hearing aids can be a solution to this illness.
5 Ways to Help Encourage Your Loved Ones to Get a Hearing Test
If you have a family member dealing with hearing problems, there are several ways you can encourage them to get their hearing tested to determine the main cause.
Acoustic Neuroma: What is it?
For many with acoustic neuroma, a standard analog hearing aid can be enough to boost sounds and allow them to reconnect with the world around them.
Do Musicians Suffer from Hearing Loss?
While it is not guaranteed to happen, many musicians deal with hearing loss at some point in their life due to prolonged exposure to loud sounds.
Can Hearing Loss Affect Your Driving Skills?
While hearing loss does not cause you to lose your driving skills, it can make recognizing these important sounds a little more difficult.
Hearing Loss and Increased Risk of Falls
While many different factors contribute to the number of falls that elderly patients experience each year, hearing loss is the most common.
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