Where Can I Recycle My Hearing Aid Batteries?

Recycle My Hearing Aid Batteries
October 17, 2019 - 9:00am / By christina

Where Can I Recycle My Hearing Aid Batteries?

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, you have definitely come across hearing aids as a solution to enhancing your lifestyle. Like other electronics that run on batteries, hearing aids are equipped with small hearing aid batteries that can be toxic to the environment when disposed of irresponsibly. They are also harmful to children and pets when ingested accidentally. To conserve the environment and protect your children and pets, you could learn of a few hacks on how to recycle your hearing aid batteries responsibly.

Inquire from your audiologist

Your audiologist has been working and recommending hearing aids and their batteries for some time. Chances are that they have an idea on how to recycle hearing aid batteries responsibly. Apart from solving your hearing loss complications, audiologists are an excellent source of information. Consider inquiring about drop-off points for your used batteries. Audiologists have networks that can be instrumental in finding information instantly.

Talk to local electronics retailers

Electronics retailers deal with a wide variety of used items, including batteries. Approach one of your local electronics retailers about recycling your hearing aid batteries. Since you are looking to discard them, you could hand them over at no cost. These retailers find legal ways to recycle batteries without causing harm to the environment. You could ask them to take you through their disposal or recycling methods.

Contact your hearing aid provider

Some hearing aid manufacturers go out of their way to protect the environment by accepting back used batteries. Since poor disposal of hearing aids is a persistent problem, many environmentalists team up with these companies to set up drop-off points. The collected batteries are then donated to industries or refurbished to create new ones.

Donate the batteries

Consider donating used hearing aid batteries seeing that they are no longer useful. Part of hearing care is helping others access the same services. Certain organizations collect hearing aids to help the less fortunate. They recycle and refurbish the batteries and hearing aids and donate them to individuals in need of hearing aids but cannot afford them. Look for these non-profit making organizations in your local area.

Reach out to the authorities

Discover recycling programs in your area controlled by the authorities and take advantage of them. Normally, the authorities will assemble pick-up points and discard the batteries responsibly.

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