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Improve Hearing Health

What Can We Do Daily to Improve Our Overall Hearing Health?

Hearing loss affects more than your ability to hear. It can impact your day-to-day communications, relationships, and quality of life. The good news is that there are many practices that you can use to help improve your hearing health.

Use Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are by far one of the best devices to help improve your quality of hearing. Our hearing care professionals can customize them to enhance sounds and clarity. The first few days of having hearing aids are going to be challenging for most people. But, adapting becomes easier with use. You should use your hearing aids as much as possible to enhance your hearing health.

Listening Activities

While you can't reverse permanent hearing loss, listening activities can reduce its impact. Be proactive and take time out of your day to focus on sounds. This can strengthen the neural pathways in your brain and enhance problem-solving abilities. Some great activities include sitting in a park and listening to nature sounds. Listening to your favorite music on low volume or listening to an audiobook can also help.

Use Hearing Protection

Noise exposure is one of the leading causes of permanent hearing loss. It's best to protect your ears from further damage by covering them when around loud noises. This means having ear muffs or earplugs available when you know that loud noises will be around. For example, if you're using the lawn mower or weed whacker, wear hearing protection.

Get Regular Hearing Exams

Your hearing is going to change over time. This is why it's so important that you see a hearing care professional on a regular basis. If you have hearing aids, it's suggested that you seek a professional examination at least once a year. This allows hearing care professionals to alter the settings on your hearing aids. This can help you to better adapt to your current needs.

Stay Active and Healthy

When your body is healthy, it can pump blood throughout your ears. The hair cells in your inner ear are responsible for interpreting sounds to the brain. These hairs rely on a steady stream of oxygen provided by your blood. If you don't stay in a healthy state, your blood circulation can decline. This results in less blood and oxygen getting delivered to your inner ear. This can cause even more damaging hearing loss.

Avoid Risk Enhancing Behaviors

Hearing loss is common in those with unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking. It's best to avoid these unhealthy behaviors to reduce your risk of further hearing loss. There are many unhealthy behaviors that cause an increased risk of hearing loss. These include excessive drinking, vaping, smoking, chronic stress, and sleep apnea.

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If you're experiencing hearing loss, then give us a call. Let our helpful hearing care professionals examine your hearing. We can provide the best recommendation for hearing aids to fit your needs and budget.