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Hearing Consultation

Which Doctor Should You Consult With For a Hearing Problem?

When you notice that you have hearing issues, it's best to get the issue checked out sooner rather than later. One of the first questions you may have is who you should go to see. There are a variety of medical professionals that can help you get the help you need to get a proper diagnosis.

Primary Physician

In most cases of medical issues, it's very common to head to your primary care physician. They can check to see if you have any common issues. This can include an ear infection or injury that may be responsible for your hearing problem. Most physicians can help you get the necessary help that you need.


An otolaryngologist diagnoses, treats, and operates on the ear, nose, and throat. You may hear them often referred to as an ENT or ear, nose, and throat doctor. This type of physician can help to diagnose why you're having hearing trouble. They can refer you to other professionals if the cause of your hearing loss doesn't need medical care.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

A hearing instrument specialist is a state-licensed professional. They are also called a hearing aid specialist. They specialize in conducting basic hearing tests. They also educate patients and their family members and dispense hearing aids. Hearing instrument specialists must complete at least a two-year apprenticeship to practice.


Unlike hearing instrument specialists, audiologists have specific training. They can identify the type and degree of hearing loss that patients experience. All audiologists have a graduate degree. This requires a total of eight years of schooling, passing an exam, and a clinical fellowship. All audiologists can dispense and fit hearing aids and other hearing devices. This allows patients to better adapt to life with hearing loss.

Which One Should You Choose?

There are many specialists that can help you with your hearing condition. But, you don't need to schedule an appointment with every one of them. Rather, you should start with an audiologist. They have the training to do hearing exams and determine the cause of your hearing issues.

They can be a wealth of information when it comes to learning more about hearing loss. Even better, they can get you more help from an otolaryngologist. This happens if you need surgical or medical help to treat the root cause of your hearing issue.

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