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Social Skills

Ways to Improve Your Social Skills With Hearing Loss

Many people realize that their social skills have declined as we come out of the recent pandemic. Those who have hearing loss are feeling the decline even worse. It's necessary to undergo some social skill improvements to help enhance your socialization skills for the better.

Always Arrive Rested and Early

When getting together with friends and family at gatherings, you need to set yourself up for success. Make sure that you're well-rested. You don't want to show up overly tired, as it can lead to premature frustration. Additionally, opt for arriving early. This will give you the upper hand in finding a remote spot where you can enjoy conversing with others away from loud music and other noises.

Choose the Environment

As you make plans to see family and friends, be more proactive in choosing the environment. For example, opt for a quiet dining experience over a sports bar restaurant. This can help set you up for more success as you'll have fewer distractions. You can even opt for inviting people over to your home where you can control the entire environment instead of going out to a restaurant.

Take a Dependable Friend Along

You shouldn't undergo improving your social skills all on your own. Rather, bring a dependable friend or spouse that can assist you in social situations. Have a game plan ready for how they can help you to fill in the missing pieces of conversation along the way. Just the concept of having a dependable person who you can fall back on when you're lost can be more than enough to give you the strength to enhance your social skills.

Keep Your Focus Small

It can be challenging to follow a conversation where multiple people are involved. Instead, set yourself up for success by keeping your focus on one or two people. When you have smaller conversations, you can use other clues, like body language and lip-reading, to keep up with the conversation. Instead of trying to pay attention to eight people at once, you only have to focus on one or two.

Be Open About Your Hearing Issues

Don't be afraid to share your struggles with those around you. Rather, think of sharing as your way of helping to enhance your conversation. When people know that you're struggling to hear everything said, they can alter their social skills to improve your conversation. For example, they can turn towards you so that you can read their lips or speak slower to give you more time to put their words together. You may just be surprised at how helpful others can be when you let them know what is going on in your world.

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