Is It Safe to Wear Hearing Aids in a Noisy Environment?
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Is It Safe to Wear Hearing Aids in a Loud Environment?

Loud Environment
March 19, 2020 - 9:00am / By christina

Is It Safe to Wear Hearing Aids in a Loud Environment?

Hearing loss can come on slightly over time or suddenly after a traumatic exposure event. Either way, it can be difficult to deal with. Having effective hearing aids goes a long way in ensuring you can maintain a high quality of life.

Will Loud Environments Hinder the Effectiveness of My Hearing Aid?

As with any new product that you're using, you're likely wondering in which environments your hearing aids are useful. When it comes to loud environments, you may be worried that the noise level will hurt your ears or limit your ability to concentrate on an individual conversation. The biggest problem that many new hearing aid users experience when it comes to loud environments is not being able to concentrate due to the background noise.

It Takes Time to Adjust

It’s estimated that the average individual will wait for seven years before they speak with a physician about hearing loss. Over time, the brain becomes used to the handicapped and when hearing is restored it is typically overwhelming, to say the least. It takes time to adjust to wearing your new hearing devices. Most users find restaurants to be a difficult place to venture into within the first couple weeks as the background noise is not what they're used to.

Hearing Aids Do Filter Background Noises

With the help of modern hearing aid technology, you can choose from an array of settings that will help you to adjust to your new hearing level. You can easily reduce the level of background noise that you experience by changing the settings on your aids. Most of these hearing aids are easily linked to a smartphone, so changing settings can be done without even touching the hearing aids.

Digital signal processing, or DSP, is the name of the function that helps to reduce the background noise. This technology identifies the background noise in your environment and removes it. DSP can help you to easily adjust to loud environments when you're first getting used to your new hearing aids. Over time, you may decide to turn up the volume of the background noises as you begin to adapt to your new level of hearing.

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