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Reimagine What's Possible

When earbuds meet the customization of hearing assistance technology, you get the all-new Beltone Imagine Custom. This hearing aid is uniquely molded to fit in your ear, similar to earbuds. It's fully rechargeable, comfortable, sweatproof, delivers natural sound, and so much more.

Tailor-Made to Fit Your Lifestyle

With the Beltone Imagine Custom, you can expect a fully custom molded earpiece that will comfortably fit in your ear all day. Unlike other hearing aids, the Beltone Imagine Custom is sweatproof and weatherproof.

It will withstand continuous wear, even for the most active of lifestyles. And they're specifically designed to be easy to clean. Taking care of your hearing aids will be easier than ever before.

Beltone Imagine Custom

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Custom Style for Everyone

You can enjoy the benefit of showing off your new Beltone Imagine Custom hearing aids or keeping them hidden. Anthracite is our most popular color due to its modern appearance.

However, we offer various flesh-tone colors ranging from fairly light to much darker. Since the Imagine Custom is constructed to look similar to earbuds, you can easily wear them all day without worrying about interference with your face mask or glasses.

Beltone Imagine Custom

Reimagine the Way You Hear

No matter where life takes you, you'll always have the ability to charge up your new hearing aids. The Beltone Imagine Custom can be charged with one of our convenient portable, fast chargers. Each charge will power up your new hearing aids to last up to 24 hours of consistent use.

The Beltone Imagine Custom is all about convenience. Effortlessly answer your phone for hands-free calling and FaceTime calls. Even better, you can stream music and other audio directly to your hearing aids with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Life truly becomes easier with the Beltone Imagine Custom.

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Reimagine Natural Sounds

The Beltone Imagine Custom is not a one-size-fits-all solution for hearing loss. Rather, each hearing aid is specifically programmed to fit the needs of its user. Our knowledgeable audiologists will assess your unique hearing profile and set your devices to assist with the areas of hearing you're having trouble with.

With these hearing aids, you'll never have trouble hearing others in a busy environment. The Beltone Imagine Custom automatically adjusts to different environments to ensure you can hear clearly, no matter where you are. Thanks to the Beltone Imagine Custom's high-quality speech clarity, you can enjoy in-depth conversations with others. Regardless of the weather, you'll be sure to hear clearly outside and even be able to determine the direction that a sound is coming from.

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Beltone Imagine Custom

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If you're interested in getting the Beltone Imagine Custom hearing aids or want to learn more about them, stop by our Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Centers or give us a call today. Our helpful hearing care specialists can perform an audiological examination and help you get the hearing aids you need to enhance your quality of life.