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Hearing this Holiday

Being Thankful for Your Hearing Aids This Holiday

As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, there are many things to be thankful for. While your mind may go directly to your family, your job, and your home, there's one more thing that you should be thankful for. These are your hearing aids.

Better Communication

Probably the biggest reason you should be thankful for hearing aids is that they allow you to communicate better with the world around you. From the people you converse with to the birds singing outside, many sounds are made available to you because of your hearing aids.

Enhanced Quality of Life

We all want to live our best life. Having trouble with your hearing can take time away from doing the things you love. When you invest in hearing aids, they can easily allow you to regain your hearing and get back to enjoying everything you truly love.

Regained Independence

It was likely very scary when you first noticed that you had trouble hearing. You may have become more dependent on your loved ones to get through the average day. When you integrate hearing aids into your routine, you may find that you regained some of that independence. Instead of feeling like you needed to rely on others, you could easily handle interactions on your own.

More Energized Days

One notable difference many new hearing aid users will reveal after just a few days with their new hearing aids is that they're more energized throughout the day. Over time, your inability to adequately hear can cause you to put more of your effort and focus on hearing. This can drain your body and mind of energy fairly quickly and make you feel overly tired.

Before you notice, you're skipping activities you used to do without a problem because you simply don't have the energy. Luckily, thanks to your new hearing aids, you can feel energized again to take on every day in its entirety.

More Earning Potential

It may come as a surprise to you that the Better Hearing Institute found that those with hearing loss made less money than those with treated hearing loss. Their study revealed that individuals with untreated hearing loss experienced a reduced income of up to $30,000 a year. However, those who sought treatment for their hearing loss were nine times less likely to experience this decreased income. You can thank your hearing aids for keeping your earnings.

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