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What Patients Say

Bay City, MI

I am very satisfied with the services and personnel at Beltone in Bay City. My hearing aids are small enough that most of my friends don’t realize that I am wearing them.

Chesaning, MI

I would highly recommend the Skoric Beltone Hearing Aid Center to anyone who may not be sure if they need hearing aids. Their friendly staff will put [you] at ease and they are very thorough walking you through the process. When I was still not sure about making the purchase, they let you make the decision on your own with no pressure. They also continue to serve you for free of charge after purchase.

Cheboygan, MI

Over ten years ago and having retired from teaching special education students, I felt a need to improve my hearing. The 2 or 3 different Beltone models I’ve used have been comfortable and very successful. Any small problems were solved rapidly. I’m very confident dealing with Beltone, Mr. Skoric, and his helpful staff!

Saginaw, MI

My experience with Beltone hearing aids has been great. Skoric hearing aid center has been most helpful, courteous, and professional in testing, fitting and following up with the few problems and questions I have had -Thanks!

Alma, MI

All questions answered – 100%. Everything explained – 100%. Beltone makes each appointment informative and fun!

Bay City, MI

Having a total of four (4) hearings aids, each being of a different manufacturer and under different testing conditions. The Beltone testing was by far the best complete and detailed [test] that [I] ever had done. These instruments are great, Beltone is behind you 100% to provide the best hearing as they can. So much more could be added. Never will know until you go through it.

Saginaw, MI

I really like my new hearing aid. Now I can hear everything people are saying to me. When before I was just getting part of what they were saying. I did not know what I was missing until I was fitted with my Bletone hearing aid. I am very thankful for them.

West Branch, MI

I looked into Beltone hearing aids because of their history of excellent products. But the surprise came when yearly, or less, maintenance appointments were made to check out the condition of the unit. There never has been any charge to me. No repairs on the unit were ever needed. The tubing and ear plug were replaced when needed. In the three or four years of service, the unit has needed to be opened or replaced.

Farwell, MI

My husband had a closed head injury 22 years ago and has already lost his hearing among other things. Our life [has] become so hard to live, that soon we were living in different parts of the house. He lived in the living room where he could have the TV so loud. He could not hear me or anyone else. We began having a lot of arguments. So 20 years went by, living a separate life. Until he, I should say I convinced him, to have his hearing checked (or I was moving out), and he did. I made an appointment with Beltone Skoric Hearing in Clare, MI, and I have my husband back after 20 years. I am so happy. Thank you.

Bay City, MI

I have been with Beltone about 20 years. The aids and service have much improved with technology and exposure with Skoric staff. I have been very satisfied with my time here. Thank you!