What Patients Say | Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center
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What Patients Say

Bay City, MI

I like them very much. Can hear better with them. Love them! Can hear now. Thank you, Bob and Beltone for all his help.

Bay City, MI

Everything was explained, very professional. Time was taken to for the aids to me, I’m very pleased. My specialist took time to adjust the aids to me, making my life very much better due to hearing very, very clearly.

Bay City, MI

I did not expect my Beltone Hearing Aids to solve my problems of hearing and not understanding voices. They are far beyond my expectations or performance.

Farwell, MI

My husband and I, Helen, are both wearing Beltone Hearing Aids – we are very happy with the service Beltone Skoric Hearing has given us. We will recommend Beltone to all our friends and anyone who ask! We are 92 and 90 years of age and hope to have a few more years with our Beltones.

West Branch, MI

I’m so pleased with my hearing aids. I felt like I was missing out on so much. What a joy not to have to ask people to repeat what they said. A big bonus was the specialist. What a sweetheart to work with! Especially when I do silly things or ask crazy questions.

Harrison, MI

My Beltone [hearing aids], the first morning I went outside I was surprised. I could hear wind and birds. I hadn’t heard in a long time. My Beltone hearing aids are great, I can even hear my cat meow, It is wonderful to hear again.

West Branch, MI

A phone call sent me to Beltone. Being deaf (almost) in my left ear, Beltone Skoric Hearing checked my hearing and told me my option of hearing [aids] and the price. No Pressure. Had it not been for my specialist, I would not have a hearing aid today. She worked with me on a price I could afford. I love my hearing aids. Thank you.

Saginaw, MI

I love my new hearing aids. I didn’t realize how much I was missing before I got them. They are so comfortable, I don’t even know they’re in.

Mount Pleasant, MI

When I first came in and received new hearing aids, it was the best day of my life in a long time. It had been so long since I could hear properly – it was amazing.

National City, MI

I absolutely love my Beltone hearing aids. I needed them much sooner, then I finally realized how hard it was on my husband, family and friends. I would definitely recommend this brand. My tech is so patient and knowledgeable about these hearing aids.