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Hearing Loss Care

Everybody Has a Right to Good Hearing

Over 50 million people suffer from hearing loss within the United States. Many of them are older citizens who worry about their quality of life. Here at Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center, our hearing care specialists work closely with our patients from their initial screening to selecting the right hearing aid for their needs. Our free hearing tests and in-home care allow many patients to receive the services they would otherwise miss out on. In support of these patients, our BelCare™  program offers each of the Beltone hearing aid models continued protection for the life of the unit.

  • Beltone is founded on care
  • The individual plays a role in everything Beltone does
  • Beltone clearly communicates the benefits of its solutions
  • The Hearing Care Professional is the key link between Beltone and the hearing-impaired person

At Beltone, we believe everybody has a right to good hearing.

Hearing Loss Care

Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center | Awards

Award-Winning Technology

Since 1940, Beltone has been a global leader in hearing health care. We do this by developing technically optimal hearing solutions without ever losing focus on the individual’s needs.

Beltone is the proud recipient of:

  • Stevie Award Beltone Trust™ named 2017 Bronze Stevie Award Winner for Best New Product in the Health & Pharmaceuticals category.
  • Edison Award Beltone myPAL accessories named a 2017 Edison Award winner in the health and wellness category.
  • BIG Innovation Award Beltone myPAL accessories named a 2017 BIG Innovation Award winner in the innovative product category.

BelCare Tones In

Beltone realized early on that quality hearing care would only be effective if the hearing aids continued to work at optimal levels. Over time, the BelCare™  program was developed to ensure the longest life use possible for the hearing aids our patients required for a more comfortable lifestyle. This includes services available at any of our 1500 locations throughout the United States. Whether you need a cleaning, battery check, or full replacement, our patients can have their problems addressed at home or away.

BelCare™ is a comprehensive program that offers continued assistance to all our customers regardless of their income or location. From your first hearing aid to upgrades and repairs, we are committed to providing valuable hearing services with the following benefits:

  • Payment options
  • Insurance assistance
  • Warranties
  • Battery programs
  • Free in-office hearing aid trials

As the population ages and more people seek hearing care, BelCare will continue to provide the protection needed to repair or replace lost or damaged hearing aids.

Lifetime Commitment

Our hearing care specialists are committed to ensuring our patients receive the personalized, individual care necessary to provide the least amount of hearing loss. This means providing annual hearing tests that evaluate each person according to their needs. We help them adapt to new hearing aids and provide quality checks to ensure the unit fits comfortably and meets their needs.

Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center supports a strong code of ethics when it comes to providing the best possible care for our patients. From free evaluations to dedicated phone lines, our team is here to your answer questions. We even have a valuable trade-in program that our patients can use. Call now and find out more about your hearing care options.

Know where your hearing health stands by scheduling a free hearing screening at Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center. Give our staff a call at (888) 417-2130 or contact us through our online form to find out more about hearing health.