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Beltone Imagine™

Tailored to Your Hearing

The All-New Beltone Imagine is here for you to experience higher standards when it comes to hearing solutions. Thanks to innovation and our pioneer hearing aid technology, this hearing device has been created to suit you exclusively by using your ear shape to deliver the exact natural sound.

This will boost your confidence, knowing that you have access to premium sound quality, vivid comprehension of your surroundings, and amazing speech recognition regardless of the environment. Moreover, this comes with Beltone's care tailored to be with you in every step towards better hearing.

Beltone Imagine
Beltone Imagine
Beltone Imagine

Hear as Nature Intended

We took the challenge to improvise our hearing innovations and created the new and revolutionary Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear hearing solution(M&RIE), which filters sound and delivers it in the most natural form. This unique solution works with your ear shape to collect sound as intended, therefore processing several sounds all at once. You will experience high-end sound quality, a full comprehension of your surroundings, and finer speech recognition. This will make you feel assertive in any environment.

Beltone Imagine enables you to choose and focus on what you prefer to hear but remains aware of your environment. Therefore, you will stay engaged and will thoroughly enjoy conversations easily while in a social gathering.

HearMax App

Made to Work in Any Situation

We created the CrossLink Directionality 3 technology to help you have full control of your hearing by completely understanding your environment and focusing on sounds that matter most to you. The technology continuously monitors each sound in your surroundings to help you choose sounds you prefer listening to more easily and efficiently while providing greater speech understanding. This is because our technology automatically adjusts to your needs making you feel more involved in your social settings.

Our brand-new Ultra Focus feature enables you to easily center on the conversation despite your environment's ambiguity. Therefore, you can use this feature through the Beltone HearMax™ app on your smartphone, making both the left and right hearing aids fully zero-in on the sound you prefer to hear, canceling out any distractions around you.

Stay Engaged

Stay Engaged

Beltone Imagine uses Bluetooth® Low Energy to provide very fine streaming capabilities for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and a wide range of Android devices.
With this technology, you will receive very clear audio into your hearing aids. You can directly stream all your preferred services to your ears, such as phone calls, internet radio, GPS, music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Moreover, the technology has been upgraded to include mix-in audio streaming, which expels any connection delays; therefore, you need not worry about missing any initial words or commands while receiving a service.

Countless Ways to Connect

The Beltone HearMax App is a handy app for people with Beltone Imagine. It allows you to control your hearing aid directly from your iOS or Android devices that have the app.

You can get the app for free by downloading it from either the App Store or Google Play and start managing your settings such as controlling volume, speech focus, noise reduction, and many more, making it suitable for your needs.


Beltone Imagine Additional Features

  • Beltone TV Link 2 streams any sound clearly and directly to the hearing aids for a good listening experience.
  • Beltone Phone Link 2 streams sound via Bluetooth services directly to your hearing aids making room for seamless conversations and hands-free phone calls.
  • Beltone Remote Control and Remote Control 2 are designed to help you easily change programs for TV, computer, radio, and many more and adjust the volume.
  • The Beltone myPAL Pro and myPAL are attached to people you know to have better speech understanding and sound quality despite the location.

Care Tailored to Your Needs

We are always here for you in your journey to better hearing, no matter where you are. Therefore, we have the Beltone Remote Care Live to ensure that your hearing aids work perfectly from the comfort of your home.

Get tailored care for your needs through our latest video chat technology that allows you and the hearing care specialist to meet face-to-face through the Beltone HearMax app. This ensures that your issues are resolved quickly, thus fine-tuning your hearing aids. This means you will get care from anywhere when in need.


Beltone Imagine RIE

The Remote Care Live Functions as Follows

  • Your hearing care specialist starts a video chat from the office at an agreed time.
  • Accept the call.
  • Your hearing care specialist will adjust your hearing aids according to your needs.
  • Your hearing aids can be fine-tuned anywhere.

Tailored to You

A Design Tailor-Made for You

Our hearing solution is made to cater to you through the brand-new design that improves comfort and aesthetics, making it easier for you to handle and care for. We provide a wide range of colors that compliment hair and skin tones, making the hearing aids blend with your skin.

In addition to the three shapes and two rechargeability makes, Beltone Imagine has become the tailored hearing solution for anyone and everyone.

Beltone Imagine Rechargeable Case

Designs that Make a Difference

Beltone Imagine comes in a vast array of colors for you to choose and customize to your style. It also comes in three models solely based on preference and battery. This new look was designed to be comfortable, discreet, and lightweight. Also, the ergonomic design used by Beltone Imagine has provided reliability for you to use your hearing aid worry-free.

Furthermore, the Beltone Imagine offers two types of chargers, which are high performance, portable, and stylish to meet your preferences. They also have protective display cases making them ideal for travel.

Ready To Start Hearing Better?

The Beltone Imagine is made to help you hear better naturally. For further information, please contact Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center about the all-new Beltone Imagine.