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Tips For Wearing Your Glasses With Hearing Aids

Glasses and Hearing Aids
September 14, 2020 - 9:25am / By christina

Tips For Wearing Your Glasses With Hearing Aids

Have you been prescribed a pair of eyeglasses, and wonder how practical it is to wear them alongside your hearing aids? The truth is, it is possible, and can be very comfortable too. There are different types of hearing aids, all of which can be worn together with eyeglasses.

Many people are wearing hearing aids alongside eyeglasses and still manage to carry out routine chores without a hitch. Below we will look into various tips that will make it easy for you to wear your hearing aids with your eyeglasses.

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids

If your hearing aids are the RIC style, it is possible to wear your glasses and your hearing aids, due to the small piece of the hearing aid that is sitting outside the ear. This leaves enough room for the eyeglass frame to sit on your ear.

However, it is important to learn how to gently take them off and put on the eyeglasses to avoid accidentally knocking off the hearing aid.

Inside-the-Ear (ITE) hearing aids

Inside-the-Ear aids are made so that all the hearing aid's components are inside an earmold, which fits into the ear. Because they are designed to fit inside the ear, ITE hearing aids do not pose any conflict with wearing glasses. It enables users to put on and remove eyeglasses, per normal, as if you were not wearing hearing aids.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids

As the name suggests, BTE hearing aids have two parts, an earmold that sits inside the ear, and a tube-like plastic device that attaches to the top of the outer ear and holds the device in place. Since the tube sits where the eyeglasses are supposed to sit, you may have concerns about how possible it is to have both.

How to wear a BTE hearing aid with hearing aids on?

If BTE is your prescribed hearing aid style, below are some pointers to consider when wearing a BTE aid together with your glasses:

  • Consider eyeglasses that have thin wireframes. This leaves enough room behind your ear for both the glasses and hearing aid.
  • Always take off your glasses using both hands to avoid displacing the hearing aid.
  • It is advisable to always put on your glasses before putting on your hearing aids. This helps because the hearing aid can sit on top of the eyeglasses' thin frame.
  • It is also advisable to talk to your audiologist to advise you on the best size and type of BTE to wear with your glasses.

Are you worried that your glasses will not fit well, or will destabilize your hearing aid? Contact a specialist at Beltone Skoric Hearing Aid Center to answer any questions about the pointers above.


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