Getting Used to Your New Hearing Aids

New Hearing Aids
September 26, 2019 - 9:00am / By christina

Getting Used to Your New Hearing Aids

Despite the professional and social benefits hearing aids might provide for certain individuals, not all people share an enthusiastic desire to wear these devices. You may need an adjustment period to grow accustomed to hearing aids and the changes you might need to execute as a result.

Beltone Skoric Hearing Care Center, a hearing care company devoted to helping people with hearing loss, invites you to learn how the process of becoming comfortable with a new hearing aid may be made somewhat easier by adhering to the following tips:

Familiarize Yourself with The Device

Once you receive your new hearing aid, it is important to gain a significant familiarity with all pertinent aspects of ownership. Prior to using a hearing aid, owners are advised to read any accompanying directions, commit to memory how specific components operate, learn the type of batteries the contraption uses and purchase a reserve set, understanding cleaning techniques and proper storage methods. Should any questions linger after the orientation, questions should be directed to your specialist.

Master the Technological Components

Many hearing aids are equipped with components that enable users to perform actions such as adjusting the volume on devices such as the telephone, computer, radio and television, as well as background noise control eliminators. It is important to master how these components operate prior to using them.

Use the Device In Conversation

Amongst the biggest steps towards growing accustomed to a new hearing aid is to utilize the device in conversation. Hearing loss experts suggest first entering conversations in quiet, familiar places where there is not a significant amount of background noise.

Take Note of Any Abnormal Occurrences

The adjustment period will vary from person to person. However, you should document any abnormal occurrences. For example, the device should never hurt your ears. If the contraption causes discomfort when placed in your ear, you should discuss this with your specialist immediately. Additionally, any sound quality problems should be addressed.

Give Yourself Time

Arguably, the strongest piece of advice a new hearing aid user can receive is to allow themselves enough time to adjust. Like any new device, hearing aids take time to adjust to. Understanding this fact might prevent negative issues like frustration from making the transition harder.

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